Jigsaw Secretly Sets Up Saw 9 and Future Sequels, Says Director

Posted 2018/02/02 0 0

Jigsaw left a lot of plot threads to be picked up on.


Story seeds planted in Jigsaw will pay off in the next movie, claim directors the Spierig brothers. During an interview with Screen Rant for Jigsaw’s home video release, when asked how the film sets up a potential ninth movie, co-director Peter Spierig responded:

“There are s a lot of things that go on in Jigsaw that we talked about where they could go in further movies, and so there are things with the characters and ideas that have the foundations of other things that could potentially come in the next couple of movies,” he explained to Screen Rant.

“You want to make the movie itself a complete experience for the audience, a satisfying experience in terms of the story, of feeling like there is a conclusion,” he continued. “But at the same time, there are some questions about the characters and their arcs and things like that where we haven’t explained. And we certainly talked about it with the producers and the writer and even the actors – where things potentially could go. It really becomes a question of does the audience want more? Are they keen to see these characters – the characters who survive and even sometimes the characters who don’t survive can end up in another Saw film, based on its history. There’s always room for flashbacks and who knows what.”

The Spierig Brothers came aboard to direct back in July 2016, with Tobin Bell returning as John Kramer/Jigsaw, with several franchise newcomers including Laura Vandervoort, Matt Passmore, Callum Keith Rennie, Hannah Anderson, Brittany Allen, Tina Jung and Sonia Dhillon. While the movie wasn't a massive box office hit, it did end up debuting atop the box office at the end of last October, earning just $16.6 million in its first weekend, taking in $38 million domestic and $102.9 million worldwide, from just a $10 million budget. While these Saw movies are never usually massive hits, they are often quite profitable since the budgets are kept so low.

While no story ideas have been revealed for the next entry yet, Jigsaw actor Tobin Bell recently revealed he’d like to dive further into the backstory of Billy the Puppet. The sinister doll has served as the avatar for Jigsaw in most of the movies, with Saw IV also revealing Billy was meant to be a toy for Kramer’s unborn child. Judging by Bell’s comments, maybe viewers will learn something new about him next time out.